What Is The Coffee Lemon Hot Water TikTok Trend And Does It Work?

Today is a new day on TikTok, and it is all about the new trend about the ‘coffee lemon hot water’ trick that users are promoting to help them lose weight, however does it really work?

Whether it’s a song or a dance, there’s always something new making the rounds on the video-sharing app and going viral these days, whether it’s a new recipe or a water bottle as well.

Where did the idea of adding lemon to coffee come from?

Considering that most of these claims have spread widely on social media – the coffee and lemon trend, which started as a TikTok challenge, has gone viral over the past few weeks. Originally, the idea for this weight-loss program was simple: squeeze some lemon juice into your coffee to help burn fat and, as a result, to kickstart your weight-loss journey. It was a huge success, with thousands and thousands of people jumping on board.

There have been plenty of TikTok users that have uploaded videos of themselves trying out the new trend, and some of them have been quite candid in saying that they don’t exactly like the combination of flavors. As a result of giving lemon in their coffee for a week straight, some people said “hell no” after giving it a shot. One TikTok user actually gained weight as a result of drinking lemon in her coffee for a week straight, he said in his video.

In spite of that, many people claimed that a pinch of lemon in their coffee has helped them lose some weight. One TikTok user, for example, claimed that he lost eight pounds in two weeks by adding a pinch of lemon to his coffee. Is it really true that it works as advertised?

The origins of this social media trend are a little harder to pin down than many others, as we have no idea how – or why – it came about. Nevertheless, it is likely that the person who started this viral challenge was thinking about the much-touted benefits of adding a lemon slice to your water, and so they kicked off this challenge.

‘Coffee Lemon Hot Water’ TikTok

The latest TikTok concoction that has been making the rounds is the ‘coffee lemon hot water’ it is the latest concoction that has been making the rounds as the latest ‘healthy’ coke sasparilla and soda water mix.

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There are some TikTok creators out there who are claiming that a blend of black coffee and lemon is the ‘trick’ or ‘secret’ to attaining a flat stomach. According to some creators, their ‘top secret’ drink for a flat tummy is half a lemon squeezed into a mug, half a teaspoon of espresso powder mixed with half a teaspoon of hot water – and that’s all it takes.

As some users have boasted, the trick actually works, with some of the users on the video saying they’ve lost pounds since using it, but others are sceptical about the method.

Does the TikTok trend work?

The combination, according to Alexandra Sowa, MD, a metabolic health physician, clinical professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine, and founder of SoWell Health, sounds good, but she states that there has been no evidence to show that this combination will actually help a person lose weight in the long run.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Dr Sowa explained that her first thought when she heard about this trend is that it does not sound very tasty at all. While there is no real evidence to suggest that drinking both of these ingredients together has any particular health benefits, it seems unlikely.

In a follow-up interview with Dr Sowa, he explained that the new fad diet has logic behind it, explaining that caffeine is low in calories and therefore can be used with many different weight loss plans to help lose weight.

As she put it: “Caffeine works by blocking the neurotransmitter adenosine, and this can lead to the release of stimulating neurotransmitters like dopamine, which leads to an increase in your alertness and energy level; that’s why so many of us drink coffee in the morning.”.

The report came to the conclusion that no doctor I know would ever suggest this as a way to lose weight, and concluded, “If someone does lose weight drinking lemon water, it may simply be due to the fact that they are substituting lemon water for sugar-sweetened beverages.”.

So, there you have it, the drink won’t help aid any weight loss, but it may be a tasty treat for some people to kick off their days with?

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